Let me teach you how to bring positive lasting change in your organisation by adopting
The Success Principles

The Success Principles

How to get from where you are to where you want to be

Much of the training that I deliver in the area of success is based on the teachings of Jack Canfield. Jack is an internationally recognised author, speaker, leacher and leader in peak performance strategies. Whilst greater levels of performance and achievement are attainable by anyone, most people have not had the opportunity to learn the proven self empowerment tools and performance strategies that are the basis for personal and professional success.

By participating in this training, participants will be excited about their potential, not only in their own lives, but as a part of the larger culture of their organisations.

Participants will learn how to plan for  and  create greater levels of achievement than they previously believed to be possible.

Jack’s book,  “The Success Principles”, forms the basis of  the training which I am certified to deliver both in person and using Zoom.

Keynote Speech

Half or One Day Seminar

6 Week Programme

An inspiring speaker for your next event

Add an engaging and thought provoking introduction to your event, or add some different and meaningful complementary material during your event.

Let Carolyn entertain, challenge and open the minds of attendees to different possibilities.

There is so much to learn from embracing just some of the Success Principles.

Allow 30 minutes to one hour to allow time for questions.

Introduction to the Success Principles

This workshop can be conducted over a half day or one day programme.It is also able to be delivered via Zoom.

This programme uses interactive activities, exercises and stories to illustrate the principles and involves participants interacting  as part of their journey of personal growth.

This method of delivery has the added benefit of growing bonds for groups who work together.

Live On-line delivery using Zoom

This is perfect for participants who might find it too difficult  to attend a half or one day course.

Over a six week period, participants will spend around one hour discovering the same principles taught in a one day workshop and also participate in group activities using break out rooms to conduct training  exercises.

The exercises, stories and group training  reinforce the material in a fun and relaxed manner meaning that participants retain more 

The Secrets to Greater Influence

Confidence Training

Online training

Influencing others to do what you want them to do is an art than can be learned. This programme is currently being refined and will greatly assist team leaders, managers, sales executives,  teachers and even includes us in our roles as parents.

“Influence is having a vision of the optimum outcome for a situation or organisation and then, without using force or coercion, motivating people to work together toward making the vision a reality. Persuasion can be used to spur someone to action or to make a decision without actually earning their sincere buy-in.” Nicole de Falco.


Confidence training is available as a group session and gives participants actionable tools to develop superior assertiveness skills.

By understanding what is holding them back participants learn to overcome these limiting beliefs, and confidently stand up and get their point of view across. 

This is a must have skill for all wishing to get ahead and to be heard. So many people do no know how to overcome their fears of speaking up and lack the techniques to do it with confidence.

This training delivers the necessary tools to make lack of confidence a thing of the past. 

Coming soon are content-rich self paced online training courses that can be completed in your own time.

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